Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Worst weekend EVER.

I've had a horrible 3 days. The finer points:

1. Apparently my privacy and comfort levels don't mean shit to some people.
2. Apparently if you intentionally make decisions that will make my life difficult, it just means that we have different priorities, and I need to learn to deal.
3. Apparently storing your stuff somewhere means that you "live" there, and anyone who thinks differently best recognize.
4. Apparently Skagit County jail sucks. Bad. ("Apparently" is the part which signifies that I had nothing to do with it, Mom.)

On a positive note...Woodinville is a pretty short drive from Seattle, and the wineries aren't so bad. Washington state has a standard which requires that reserve wines only include the top 10% of the fruit. Grand reserves are only 1%. Washington is the only state that has any such standards, and if word gets out that you aren't following along, it makes people wanna bust a cap...That, or they just make it pretty difficult for you to acquire things like bottles and corks.


Mom said...

So happy to hear you don't have personal experience with the county jail! :)

So, the wineries aren't bad...what about the wine? Have you tried any?

Kim said...

The wine was good! I actually purchased a bottle of reserve Zinfindel from one place...good stuff!

Peter said...

Woodward Canyon out by Walla Walla is devine too

Sean said...

If you ever need a Walla Walla wine hook up, I am your guy.

wantagolden said...

What the heck? When I asked in the email you could have been more specific babe! Maybe I will call you.