Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Was Getting So Good at Budgeting!

Who knew that such a wonderful and ridiculously sweet person could be such a horrible influence????

My good friend "Purple" Kim (or Kim2) has gotten me back into beading. Back story: I was really into making bead jewelry when I was like, 15. Not a great age to be acquiring new interests, because that's the same age that you get bored easily and generally drop your hobbies, even if you're really good at them. Ever seen my collection of sketches from that same age? Case in point.

Kim gets together with other people who do a variety of crafty things on a regular basis, and they take over a conference room at her office for a few hours. Most of the girls who show up are beaders - some of which make a side or even primary income on their amazing creations.

I try to make it out every once in awhile, because this is the best way to see everyone. I don't bead - haven't since I was 15. However, this last visit left me nostalgic. I had a hair appointment that afternoon, and there happens to be a bead shop right around the corner from my salon. I went. I bought beads. Doesn't seem so bad right? Things have changed a bit since I was 15. There are new, highly necessary things to own! Tweezers are no longer an acceptible tool of the trade! It's no longer out of the question to spend $100 on beading supplies!

It gets worse, Kids. Yes yes.

This afternoon I was creating something interesting with my $100 worth of impulse buys, when Nick and I decided to barbeque for dinner. Nick is out of charcoal, so we're planning a trip to the store. Suddenly I have one of those unfortunate "bright" ideas.

Me: Hey Honey, how would you feel about going to Capitol Hill to do our shopping?
Nick: (Does not live near Capitol Hill) Um, why?
Me: 'Cuz there's a bead store there.
Nick: Kay...
Me: I don't have the right stuff for what I'm working on!!!

This necklace is going to be so hot.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who Have I Become?????

Things I never thought I would hear myself say:

1. I'm really enjoying my job, but I'd like to expand my skills in accounting. If I bought some books and took online bookkeeping/accounting courses, would the company give a partial reimbursement?

2. What about HTML???

3. Gawd that incense is strong; Can we move it to another room???

4. I don't know how I ever survived without email and a cell phone. And EVITE.

5. I know it's late, and I should go to bed, but this Mozart is ROCKING MY FACE OFF. BOO-YAH.

Better Things, Here I Come!

6 months on the new job, and got myself a pretty little raise. Now I'm making the same amount as when I left my last job of 4 years. After 6 months.


Monday, April 09, 2007

New Hobby!

I went skiing for the first time this weekend, and I'm SO hooked. Made it up to the intermediate run by the 2nd hour. Nick says I'm a "natural", but he might be a little biased....

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Congratulations; Jury service is one of the fundamental rights, privileges and duties of participation in a democratic society.

Dood. Jury Duty. Yesss. Seriously - I've always wanted to get this notice. I hear people complain about jury duty, but usually it's about how they sat in a room for 2 days only to be sent home with $20. The company that I work for will still pay me, so the cash isn't an issue (extra latte funds - woot!). The 2 days in a room might be an issue, unless they'll let me bring my laptop to brush up on my Mah Jong. I will admit, I would be a bit miffed if I got sent home after the second day, however. Everyone always talks about what tactics they use to get out of having to serve...I plan to do just the opposite. I want to be a part of a trial - I think it would be really interesting!

Anyone have a good jury duty story???? Spill it.