Thursday, April 05, 2007


Congratulations; Jury service is one of the fundamental rights, privileges and duties of participation in a democratic society.

Dood. Jury Duty. Yesss. Seriously - I've always wanted to get this notice. I hear people complain about jury duty, but usually it's about how they sat in a room for 2 days only to be sent home with $20. The company that I work for will still pay me, so the cash isn't an issue (extra latte funds - woot!). The 2 days in a room might be an issue, unless they'll let me bring my laptop to brush up on my Mah Jong. I will admit, I would be a bit miffed if I got sent home after the second day, however. Everyone always talks about what tactics they use to get out of having to serve...I plan to do just the opposite. I want to be a part of a trial - I think it would be really interesting!

Anyone have a good jury duty story???? Spill it.

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