Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nothing Good To Say

I remember a day not so long ago when commuting by bus meant a 20 minute ride to work. This morning it took 45 minutes. 45 minutes!!! My commute has actually been a bit worse every single day for the last month. I left my house half an hour early, and still showed up to work 15 minutes late. This is normal traffic, people! There aren't any accidents or stalled vehicles. This is simply me trying to get over a damn bridge along with everyone who can't figure out that new-fangled merging process, or the meaning behind the term "bus only lane".

I don't have a car, which is probably a good thing considering how annoyed I get on the road when I'm not even driving. So, my options are limited to slowly moving toward being an hour late for work every morning, or catching a bus an hour early just to get to work on time. This is merely guess-work. For all I know, I'll still be late even if I catch an earlier bus.

I'll keep you posted.


Kim's Mom said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking we live outside the city limits, right about halfway to the next town, in the country and it takes us about 20 minutes (maybe 25 during "rush hour") to get through the nearest town and well into the next town over.

I know! Move down here! Your traffic nightmares would be practically nonexistent!


Kim said...

Yeah...I'm assuming that bus service is practically nonexistent, so I suppose, in a way, it would take care of my problem!

Kim's Mom said...

LOL actually, Daniel noticed on our way into town awhile back, a sign at the little store down the road saying it was a bus stop! I'm guessing it would be a much shorter commute than you deal with though, timewise anyway :)