Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ode To Joy And The Yummy Coffee You Make For Me In The Mornings.

Still Life Without Tongues
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You're so nice. I like you a lot. My friends like you too. That's neat because I never have to worry about defending us. Some of my friends, even though they like you, say that you should stop setting the bar so high with all the nice things you do, like bringing me coffee in the morning. I just tell them to shut-up.

I think it's nice that we're so comfortable together. Unfortunately I still have to draw the line with farting in front of you, even though you try to encourage me by saying that I'll be more comfortable if I just get it over with already.

I like that I can be goofy around you, and you think it's funny, and not stupid. I can say "Maaaarrryyyyyy", and you get it. We both like to play Scrabble! Remember a few weeks ago, when we were cracking jokes about Scrabble, and we figured out that we both have the scores memorized for each letter? It was amusing at the time, but please don't tell anyone, okay?

Anyway, I should get going. Y'know how your friends always comment that I don't actually work when I'm at the office? Yeah.

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Sean said...

Thats so adorable!

I may be sick...