Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Questionable Past

The other night Nick was telling me about how easy it is to find someone's email address by simply putting their name into a Google search. Basically, as long as your name and email address are on a website somewhere, it will show up in the search results. To illustrate, he did a Google search for "kim mangan" (with quotes).

At the time, I was in the kitchen making dinner, so I asked him to read off some of the results that might pertain to me. Apparently, rather than dinner, I should have been making a drink.

"There's some stuff about a girl with your name who plays on a softball team in Ohio."
"Here's a link for your wishlist."
"Your Flickr page."
"A link for some chick who works for Anheuser Busch."
"A website for the Thespian troupe you were a part of in school."
"Free Asian Sex Gallery."
"Seriously. It says "kim mangan kent wa" under the website."

Apparently my name and the name of the town where I went to school are now included in spam headers! Have you ever gotten a bit of spam in your inbox which includes a bunch of random phrases? Take the next example, also listed in the Google search:

free diving equipment ... contest cheat. hovertechnics hovercrafts for sale. cancer in bowels. kim mangan kent wa. jefferson county west virginia tax assessor. 1985 Suzuki SP600

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