Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Loaded Question - The art of IM'ing

M: jesus. I want to stab myself in the foot everytime I call Direct TV
T:why are you calling Direct Tv?
M:work. we just got two new receivers for the cafe downstairs, and I had to call to get them activated an hour on my cell phone with them
T:what takes so long to activate those things?
M:well, you have to call and give the card number and the serial numbers so they can be activated, and then they insist on walking you through the setup process on the screen...because they have to make sure you have an active signal at the end of it all...and you sit there for like 20 minutes before you find out the signal isn't working...
M:and then they say they will transfer you, but they hang up on you instead, but since there isn't any hold music, you sit there for ten minutes before you realize your phone is dead.
M:so you call back...and they try to take you through the same process of setting up, and then they ask you stupid questions that probably don't matter, like "where did you buy your receiver?"...
M:and then they tell you they're going to charge you nearly $200 to send a tech out
M:and then you slowly die on the inside.
M:I even got accused of "premature insertion" when I put the card in too early.

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