Friday, December 12, 2008

Keeps Gettin' Better

Hallway conversation:

K: I keep smelling cinnamon around the office.
R: Oh, yeah. They put a cinnamon air freshener in the women's bathroom!

I'm then called into my bosses office:

B: I bet they're trying to cover up bad smells coming from the drain.
K: Well, there's always an air freshener in there - I think the cinnamon is just more festive.
B: Well, you know, if you let a floor drain get dry, it starts to smell really bad.
K: Yeah, I think I knew that.
B: I think you need to go in once a week and pour a bottle of water down the drain to keep the smell down.
K: Um, well, have you talked to building maintenance about this?
B: Yeah, I mentioned it. I go into the men's every week and do that - it really keeps the smell down.
K: Uh-Huh.

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