Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Passing

IM Conversation:

Me: Ah! I'm brilliant!
T: ?
Me: So...I have an idea for a "alcohol abuse affects those around you" commercial
Me: It opens with a couple having a party...so many people bring beer that they have to store it in a cooler out on the deck...
Me: One night, the boyfriend decides to get a beer.
Me: We'll call him Nick
T: ok...
Me: The next morning, the girlfriend gets out of bed and sees a soaking wet, very unhappy cat locked out on the deck.
Me: We'll call the girlfriend "Kim" and the cat "Cricket"
T: Ahhahaaha
Me: Dood. She won't come out of hiding from the litter box.
T: Oh man
T: Poor cat
T: lol


Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

I'll second that LOL

Poor Cricket!

So, who felt worse once all was said and done, Cricket..or Nick? ;-)

Kim said...

Ha! Well the jury is still out on that. Cricket's still in the litterbox, but Nick has put out pretty good effort to coax her out.