Saturday, February 12, 2005

You can never be too careful

Matt and I are leaving on Monday for a week-long trip up to Vancouver BC. Crossing the border can be pretty scary sometimes. Customs officers are intimidating. I always have this fear that they will send me to jail. I don't know if they have that authority, but the possibility always freaks me out. The last time I went up to Canada, the customs officer looked through my bag, asking if I had packed any food. Of course, not knowing any better at the time, I had a few pieces of fruit in my bag. I now understand that you really shouldn't bring fruit across borders. The customs officer found my apple and threw it across the room as if he were throwing the winning pitch at the championship game. He threw it back to the other side of the border. At the time it scared the hell out of me, but now I hope it happens again so I can find it amusing. I equate it to what I would expect out of skydiving. The first time you jump, the trip is a big fantastic rush, but you don't remember much when you reach the ground. But the second time you know what to expect, so you have time to enjoy the ride.

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