Friday, January 27, 2006

Accountability and The Art of Preventative Maintenance

I remember being warned that my pants would someday shrink, but I didn't expect it to be isolated to the hips and thighs area.

I've always hovered around the 120-125lb range, but when I went to my yearly checkup two months ago, I weighed in at 135. I wasn't terribly concerned about it at the time, because I wasn't "enjoying" the "benefits" of weight gain yet. Yet. In just the last 2 week, some of my pants don't fit right anymore.

Okay, let's recap: 2 months ago I weight 135, and my pants still fit fine. Now they don't fit. can deduce that I weigh MORE than 135. Ugh. By Hollywood standards, I am officially a heifer, and should be taken out back to be put out of my misery.

Now, before you all roll your eyes and start a "Fatty VS Skinny 2006" riot, I know that I'm totally healthy. I recognize that I look great, but the tight clothes bit is really bothering me. I don't want to wake up in 10 years, with an "office ass", feeling like it's too late to do something about it. By then I will be considering letting someone send me to the glue factory. (Hmmm....glue. I bet if I went on a glue diet, I would lose weight!)

This is where the preventative maintenance and accountability part comes in. I'm asking my readers to hold me accountable to start MOOOVING (ha!). I don't have lofty goals yet. I just want to start doing some crunches and maybe lunges in the evening. So, what I ask of you, my loyal audience, is to send me a quick email daily, weekly, whatever, to check in and make sure that I'm moving on a regular basis. (and I don't mean chair shimmies - get off your ASS, Kim!)

My pants and I will greatly appreciate it.


Sean said...

do you prefer Badonkadonk, or Padonkadonk?

Kim said...

For those of you who aren't 'down' with the lingo; Courtesy of the Urban Dictionary:

Badonkadonk - adjective used to described buttocks of exceptional quality and bounce.

'That girl has a badonkadonk fo sure.'

Thanks for the encouragement, SE.

Sean said...

Hey yer welcome, it wasn't mockery.

Sean said...

I just love this post.