Friday, January 20, 2006

Through New Eyes.

I finally broke down and figured out how to program my coffee brewer to run in the mornings. I've always avoided the option, because I'm a bit of a coffee purist - especially when it comes to freshly ground beans.

I've since learned that perspective is vastly different at 6 am. Besides, it's really neat to turn the alarm off and hear gurgling and hissing coming from the kitchen! Another benefit to coffee before work? I'm noticing things on my commute that I've never paid attention to before! There are some really neat stores that I have been passing for *3* years...I should really get around to checking them out sometime...

1 comment:

Kim's Mom said...

Isn't it nice? The next best thing to waking up to a special someone handing you a freshly brewed cup with a smile :)