Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Kids

I just finished watering our little deck garden, and thought it might be time to give you all a progress report.

Bell Pepper! There's one smaller guy coming in, and multiple blossoms, so possibly more to come:

Next up is the basil. Now, there were some basil issues in the beginning. I bought a basil plant and moved it to the planter box, and it died. The end. Kidding! I went back and bought two more, and left them in the pots. The potted basil is doing really well. I have the pots sitting on top of the dirt in the planter box, and it seems that the watering of the potted basil is doing wonders for the dead basil:

Finally: Tomatoes!: Alright. Not actually a baby. Right. This is two plants. I've heard about and seen some pretty bad tomato plant stories this year. If you're having issues, I highly recommend getting an earth box next year. I want to get several next year so I can plant everything in them. These things are literally the shit and my friend Don is the shit for giving me one as an early birthday gift! As a result, I have 14 (!!!) babies that I can see. I'm anxious to see how many there actually are, once they are red and I can see them in the midst of all the leaves!

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Kim's Mom said...

I'm very happy for you.

Other emotions include amazement and jealousy. LOL
No really, good job, and great pics! Thanks for sharing them!