Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mama Always Said

Yesterday my boss typed up a draft of an email to send out to everyone. Before sending it, he asked me to "make it flowery", and proceeded to tell me that he thinks writing is one of my biggest strengths, and he intends to take advantage.

That same day I sent him an email of frustration about our current insurance benefits. He liked it so well that he forwarded it to the president of the company that administers our plan.

I love putting together a letter, then creating several drafts until the words are just right. I always thought I was a pretty good writer --- Even better that my boss feels the same way!

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Kim's Mom said...

Hey! You've been busy! Lots of great posts that I'm looking forward to coming back and reading. Unfortunately, being Saturday and the kids had their fun playing games online I need to go off line for a bit in a few minutes so our ISP doesn't get all upset we went over our time limit. Not exactly how I would define the "unlimited" access we signed up for but there ya go.

I'm proud of you! I also find it entertaining, and a maybe even another source of pride that we share so many interests and skills. You've done a great job of putting those skills to work for you.