Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Circus That This Election Has Become

Oy. Where to start? I don’t think anyone would argue with my view that McCain’s choice of running-mate is curiously strategic. I’m just not sure how good his strategy really is. While I believe that there are women voters who would be happy with any woman in office – one step at a time, so they say – I also think most Hillary supporters are smart enough to know that Sarah Palin does not side with them on the key issues. It’s rather offensive that McCain thinks this strategy will work with the majority of women voters, really.

If I were a member of the Republican Party, I would be pissed at McCain. He’s made a complete spectacle of his campaign. He chose someone who he barely knows, who has very little political experience and zero foreign policy experience. Sortof kills his argument that Obama is too “green” for office if you ask me. He chose someone with quite the controversial background, who is in the midst of quite the shocking situation with her daughter.

Let the games begin! I know that any running-mate he chose would be under harsh scrutiny, and it’s pretty much impossible to keep your skeletons in the closet when you’re running for office. The celebrity comes with a very high price, and I certainly don’t envy anyone in that position. However, it seems that voting her into office is exactly the type of thing that the Republican Party would term a “Slippery Slope”.

If I were a member of the Republican Party, I would be pissed at Palin as well. What does it say for your family values if you’re willing to accept a position knowing it will put your pregnant teenage daughter on a pedestal? I absolutely agree that family should be left out of the campaign process – especially children. I don’t think anyone would argue that point. However, I can’t believe that Palin would actually think this situation would be left untouched because family should be held “sacred” in the political process. Shame on you, Mother Palin. Step down and take care of your family.

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