Tuesday, September 07, 2004

i No Molestar Los Animales !

In Yellowstone, they have warning signs for different perils, which all feature the same kid. There was one about the dangers of buffalo gorings. The image was of this child, being thrown through the air by a buffalo, baseball cap flying in one direction, and camera off in another. We went to check out the canyon, and there was a warning sign about staying on the trails. Same kid, falling off a cliff; same baseball cap and camera flying through the air behind him. I totally want to see him on warning signs for alligators or sharks or something.

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price of goo said...

What strikes me as really funny about it is that the kid in the illustrations looks like the stereotypical page boy that hawks newspapers on the streetcorners of old black & white movies. "Extra! Extra! Read all about itAAAAUUGH!" and suddenly he's got a buffalo stuck in his kidney.