Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You are the least helpful person ever.

Here's the conversation I had with the gentleman behind the meat counter yesterday:

Me: I would like 4lbs of lamb cut into stew meat please.
Him: Sure. What would you like?
Me: Shoulder would be great.
Him: Well, I can cut shoulder for you, but you're not going to get very much meat, and you'll have to pay for the steaks anyway...
Me: Okay, how 'bout shank or rib?
Him: Mmm, that's not a good idea either.
Me: Alright, what would you recommend???
Him: Probably leg. You would get lots of good stew meat from the leg.
Me: That sounds great.
Him: We don't have any right now.


Sean said...

Hillarious, but you know what I want to see? A kick A recipe for pumpin pie!

Anonymous said...

I have the most amazing from-scratch pumpkin pie recipe ever. Ask Sarah - I made it last year for TG. I'll see if I can remember to dig out the recipe for you, or if you email me at home (aimgrrrl@comcast.net) and remind me, I will find it tonight and email it to you! - Aim

Anonymous said...

he probably worked for Sbux before he worked there. Had to learn that level of evasiveness somewhere! :-)