Wednesday, October 13, 2004

People actually buy this???

I normally shop alone, because...Well, girls are lame. But Traci's different - I suspect that she's some sort of imposter girl, because I have a really nice time with her. Traci - YOU ROCK.

In any case...Imposter or no imposter, Traci and I went shopping last night. I suspect that in the end, I had a better time than she did, but I won't go into it, because it was that in-between time that was great.

We went to Ross for our shopping extravaganza, a store that I loathe in most cases. You can't FIND anything there! They are so freakin' unorganized, that I usually get frustrated and just leave. My biggest irritation is finding really great shoes, only to learn that they should be in a section for shoes that are two sizes smaller. Ghah!!!

Initially the trip was pretty uneventful...Until we reached the underwear...There are some crazy undies out there, people! There was this tiny pink see-thru thong, with - get this - pompons hanging off the back. These are not panties that you wear. These are panties that guys buy, so they can hang them on their bedroom wall. I'm sure they make for a great tale of conquest, but please please keep them out of my garment selection!

On second thought...Don't. They were really funny.

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Sean said...

Actually, Traci rocks SOCKS! there is a difference. and also, if you want THE best straight shopping service, I am an awesome impartial aid. I come with references, and only require the occasional juice box to keep me going.