Wednesday, November 03, 2004

ARGH! Get out of my HEAD!!

I had bad dreams last night, which I suspect were spawned by PBS' election coverage. I was completely heartbroken this morning after waking from a dream about Matt. I found out that he was sleeping with Penelope Cruz on the side! When I got upset, he told me that I needed to learn to share. Apparently we lived with his mother, and she didn't make me feel much better. She said, "Yes, he probably shouldn't have had his other friend over when you were home, but really, you should calm down, dear."

Wine smoothies for breakfast, anyone?

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price of goo said...

Her email to me this morning:
I had a dream last night that you were sleeping with Penelope Cruz on the side.

My reply:
On the right side. You sleep on my left side.

I think I may have been insensitive. She hadn't told me the part about my mother.