Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Get off my back!

Yeah, I haven't posted in forever....You haven't been able to keep up on my highly interesting life....You don't feel like you even know me anymore. So sorry.

I've been busy, alright? I would normally take a break from my incredibly productive work-day to entertain you all with the events of my daily my life, but things have gotten a little hectic.

Not only have I taken on more responsibilities at work, but earlier in the week management had moved all of the new trainees right near my desk, so I wasn't able to take my breaks at my desk any longer. I tried once. I had a line of people waiting to ask me a question during my lunch break. I told those people to go ask someone else for help, since I was on a break. More people came. When I sent them away, some of the first people came back to ask if I was done with my lunch yet.

On a positive note, I have all of my Christmas presents wrapped and ready to send off!


Anonymous said...
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that guy said...
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Kim said...

Now, That Guy, why would you go and post something like that after a comment that my grandmother left? You're a silly head.

Kim said...

Well, I certainly didn't mean to delete everything. Crap.