Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Email of The Day. Courtesy of the actions of a mystery dipshit that I work with

From: Kim
To: Personnel
Subject: Kitchen Issues

A few items:

  • Please put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher! At least once a day I have to take care of items that have been left in the sink or on the counter.
  • Please be conscientious of messes left behind when you are making food or coffee. I don’t mind wiping the counters and appliances down, but I prefer not to scrape your crusty food out of the microwave or clean up your coffee spills that are left on the floor.
  • Please email me if there are problems in the kitchen area rather than leaving “Clean Me” signs for me to find.

    Thank you.


Kim's Mom said...

Hopefully these are the inconsiderate actions of just one person.

I think the "clean me" signs would have me thinking of some notes of my own making! ;-)

Kim said...

Y'know, I really don't mind the occasional dish in the sink, or spill on the counter. I understand that it comes with the "admin assistant" territory, but a sign? Really? Like, REALLY??? Needless to say, I was pretty livid to come in and discover that on the microwave. I don't work in fast food for a reason, People!

So, notes of your own making, huh? This could turn into a very interesting survey style blog post..... ;>