Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Way. No How. No McCain.

I'm watching Hillary speak at the Democratic National Convention, and I must admit, I'm a bit choked up!

Despite the fact that I didn't think she was the right fit for the White House, and despite the fact that she had lipstick on her teeth during her speech, I was so proud. I was proud of Hillary Clinton and proud of where we've come as a country. I'm watching a woman who has worked her ass off and run for President.

Despite what you believe, or what party you support, you have to admit that it's a very exciting time when a woman is taken seriously as a Presidential nominee.

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Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

I agree. I didn't think she was the right person for the job either, but, like you found it exciting to see a woman come so close. I also find it exciting that a person of color has made it this far.It's not that I would vote based on either of those criteria, but just knowing that enough Americans are willing to vote for who they feel is right, no matter the gender, or the shade of their skin.