Friday, November 21, 2008

Comforting, To Say The Least

A few months ago, someone introduced me to Orangette. I love this site. Unfortunately she does not update her posts daily, but when she does, it's always spot-on.

This was truly the best time of year to come across this site. All comfort food, all the time. (for now...) I've tried out several of her recipes, and they're wonderful every time. Now when she posts about something out of the ordinary, I don't hesitate before running to the grocery store. Her recipes are simple, inexpensive (except in the case of a really delicious triple cream cheese or two....), and oh-so-delightful.

Of course the conversations are always entertaining.

"What are you making?"
"You'll see. It's going to be epic."

chopping, braising, serving....

"Um, what the hell is this??"
"Just try it. Trust me on this one."
"Wow. That's really good."

Every time. Seriously.

I haven't tried out her most recent recipe - just not in the mood for a crisp refreshing salad, but her others are good enough to make again and again until the salad craving kicks in.

The ones I've tried (which are now favorite recipes):

Tomato Soup with Red Onion and Cilantro Stems
(Finally, a reason to keep the stems!)

Lima Beans in Cream
(Don't question it. Just make it and try not to cry when you taste it.)

Savoy Cabbage Gratin
(Melty deliciousness....)

So, get to it, and thank me when you're done.

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