Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Stuck in The Middle

Email conversation:

Me to J: So, the manuals I shipped to you yesterday were damaged by UPS. They're sending them back to us. I know you needed them for your training - any thoughts?

J to Me: Go ahead and send me four more - next day air

Me to D: J's asked if I can send replacements next day air. Assuming I need approval due to cost of shipping.

D to Me: No, just send them ground. The classroom portion is where they use the training manuals, and that finished today.

Me to J: D says I can just send them ground since you're done with the classroom portion of training.

J to Me: No, ground shipping won't get them here until next week - I'd like them to arrive before I head back home.

Me to D: J wants the manuals before he leaves the site.

D to Me: Ground will be fine. J will just have to tell the trainees that the manuals will arrive next week.

Me to J: Alright. This isn't working. D says they need to go ground. You will have to discuss this further with D directly if you want them sent next day air.

J's Manager to Me: I just received an email from J. Please just send the manuals next day air.


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