Thursday, June 24, 2004

Accomplished by lunch!

1. I arrived at the office on time, regardless of the fact that all of my clocks were blinking when I woke up. I'm not sure what caused the outage - it's just a normal overcast day in Seattle.

As stated in, pretentious can be defined as "exaggerated importance". Am I the only one who finds "the office" pretentious sounding? I mean, who says that, anyway???

2. I have read all of my online news sources, including The Seattle Times, CNN, Netscape, Eonline and The Stranger.

US flight training exercises are scheduled for today. The drills will involve fighter planes and other aircraft flying at low altitudes throughout the day. I guess they wanted to let us know so that we wouldn't start ducking under bushes, which, as one of my friends recently stated, "totally works".

3. I have managed to avoid playing tetris or solitaire.

Work is pretty slow these days, so sometimes I find that I've been playing computer games for several hours. This is pretty amazing in itself, considering the consistency of my brain matter at that point.

4. I managed to get myself looped into "girly night"; I'm leaving work early for it, no less. I guess I could be called girly at times, though I've always been irritated by girly things. What does this mean????

"Girly night" is being held at Jardin, a local winery by my house. Once a month they have a girls night. Tonight they will have hair models on site to show the new summer styles! Oooh, and we'll get demonstrations of waxing techniques. Gross. Well, I suppose the on site wine will make the on site models and waxing more interesting.

5. I set up my new blog. Ta-da!

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