Friday, June 25, 2004

TGIF: This is not my life.

I once read or heard someone say that we're only making ourselves age faster when we constantly look forward to the weekend. So what does that say for those of us who simply look forward to going home and drinking a beer at the end of each day? My guess is that we're making ourselves age, and get fat faster.

So, girly night wasn't so bad. I'm now the proud owner of a little pink purse. My new purse is so cute! It even has a little matching coin purse! I still stand by my previous statement, however. I am not girly! It was the wine, I swear. The wine made me do it.

All of the ladies at girls night were so excited about my new purchase. "Oh, it's the perfect size for some cash and your lipstick!". Um, try chapstick, honey. My purse comes with two strap options. There's the short, "carry your purse in your hand" type strap, and then there's the "over the shoulder" variety. In my opinion, the best part about my new purse is that the smaller strap is the perfect length to be a little pink collar! Y'know what's frightening? I can totally picture the pink collar, with the purse, and some matching pink strappy heels. Not girly at all...right.

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