Thursday, March 17, 2005

Have you kissed a leprechaun lately?

Are you wearing green today?

No. I'm wearing totally hot shoes, so I'm exempt.

They must be pretty hot if you're exempt from wearing green.

Oh, they're hot. So hot as to be impractical!

That's pretty hot!


wantagolden said...

Ah. My browser or something in my computer isn't letting me have what I want. Well, neither is my oh, nevermind. Hehe.
So ~ now about these shoes. You may think they are hot, but you should do the right thing and post a picture of them. I need to determine for myself if I need to come and pinch you. Or rather, call Matt and have him do it for me? :)
And when my dear are you going to post on pastery_child? We are all waiting you know. I guess that is the same as me not posting on this one?

wantagolden said...

Hmmm ~ I posted a comment yesterday but it is not showing on the 0comments dealybobber at the bottom of your page. :) Maybe this one will?

Kim said...

I'm not planning to post on the other site. I only created that account so that I could comment on your weblog. Besides, my life is far too uninteresting to keep two blogs updated.

wantagolden said...

OH~ sounds like we both had the same ideas~ I had to belong to this to leave worthless comments like this one for yours!! Still waiting for a pic of these here shoes....