Saturday, March 12, 2005

Riding in style

I have a new bike! Matt and I went shopping yesterday to see what was available, and I came home with one! I can't wait to get a basket with plastic flower decorations and some streamers! Look out pedestrians! Weee!!!


wantagolden said...

Please don't say you spend that much on a bike??? I hope you got a better color than baby blue! Are you riding it clear to work? What a long ride. How is Matt?

Kim said...

Wow! Talk about a grilling! Yes, I did spend that much on a bike. I do plan to commute to work on it, so I wanted to make sure to get something that would hold up. Baby blue is precisely the reason I picked that bike. So there! Matt is fine. He likes my bike.

wantagolden said...

Brian wants to know if you got a baby blue bike helmet to match? He finds that funny. Hehe. What happened to Matt's dealybobber? Yeah, you like that? You know, the thingymigger.