Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I do what the voices tell me to

I have a tendency to come up with very convincing arguments for staying in bed when I'm half asleep. These arguments make perfect sense during that brief moment it takes to press "snooze", and they make for very entertaining reflection once fully upright. This is the progressive conversation I had with myself this morning; No joke:

6:35am: "They prefer it when I don't get up until 7:15." Snooze.

7:14am: "My alarm cycle won't coincide with 7:15. I'll wait until 7:20, because I have to make sure that I get up on an even 5 minute mark." Snooze.

7:20am (fully upright): "Who the hell are 'They' and why would they care if I get up before 7:15???"

I swear to god I must have been abducted by aliens at some point.


Anonymous said...

Hehe. You'll have to be sure to let us know when you figure out who "they" are. Gremlins?

I have the alarm over on Dan's side of the bed and he wakes me up. He doesn't make a very good snooze alarm.I keep trying to go back to sleep but my silent pleas can't seem to get through to let him know I really need to finish that dream! He just keeps nudging me til I get irritated enough that he won't listen to my thoughts that I wake up.

Mom :)

Kim said...

Matt used to enjoy tickling and poking at me until I woke up, because he found my "pterodactyl" noises amusing...until the time he made me cry.

Mom said...

"pterodactyl" noises? LOL Okay, I'm not sure what that would be but gotta admit it does sound entertaining :)

Poor Matt. I bet he felt so bad when he made you cry! Did he poke you too hard?

I'm thinking maybe we both need to work on our telepathic powers so our guys will understand just how important it is that we get that extra few minutes...:)