Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Truth is Out There

Ever found out that what you believed to be true about yourself, your entire life, is completely false? Traumatized much?

Nick and I were having a conversation recently about social security numbers and what the numbers mean. He was saying that the first 3 digits are based on geography - which I shot down, based on the fact that I was born in Oregon, and a mutual friend of ours, also born in Oregon, has a completely different set of first three digits. To settle this once and for all, I looked it up in Wikipedia, and found out that Nick was right. The first 3 digits of your "sosh" are based on geography. Wikipedia, being completely thorough and all, had an actual chart that went over each sequence of numbers and what state they originate from. Apparently my social security number was acquired in, are you ready for this?, KANSAS. Jeez.

I grew up in the midwest...this is not a surprise to me or anyone else I know. Or, it seems, to the guy at Macy's who sold me a mattress. (during the course of conversation, he says, "you're not originally from here, are you?" I get that a lot.) Regardless of the fact that the Kansas part is not a surprise, my social security number being from there is!

Not the end of the world, not even a big deal, at all...but really strange to find out you were wrong all along, despite how small the findings.

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