Monday, June 09, 2008

Inherent Goodness

So, I've been having a really hard time with a wedding gift. I know what I want to get, and it's just perfect, but I'm having challenges in actually obtaining the gift. It's a specific bottle of wine that is made in New York. The problem is that the winery only ships to addresses in the state of New York! What a pain.

So, I've been tirelessly searching for someone who knows someone who lives in New York. My thought was that I could order the wine online, have it shipped to said person's address, and they could in turn, ship the wine to me.

How is it that no one knows anyone in New York! Just when I was starting to give up, I remembered that I used to work for company that has offices all over North America. So I touched base with an old colleague that still works at said company, and she asked two of her New York contacts, and one of them came through for me! And MAN did she come through for me! Not only is she willing to go out of her way to deal with the post office in order to get the wine to me, but she is going to go out and actually buy the wine for me so that I only have to pay for one leg of shipping! At one point in our email conversation, she asks "Only one bottle? Do you need anything else while I'm at it?"

I'm thinking some cookies might be in order here....

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