Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheesecake Saga

I met with the bride and groom to be, and they were absolutely thrilled with my cheesecake - the exact quote from the wedding planner was "She said it was simply a matter of choosing between wonderful and even more wonderful!". I'm sure the champagne that I served for the tasting had nothing to do with that review.

So, I have a really good cheesecake recipe, but the bride's best friend is vegan, so she has asked if it would be possible to have a small vegan cheesecake. Since I had such success with previous cheesecake attempts, I told her it shouldn't be a problem at all. Since then, I've tried out several recipes, and I've decided two things.

1. Vegan cheesecake is THE DEVIL.
2. People who review vegan cheesecake recipes don't actually know what cheesecake is.

The first is based on the multiple recipes I've tried that have turned out actually made me gag. Seriously. The second is based on the reviews that were posted on the recipes I've tried making. "This is so good! I'm so glad to find a vegan version that is just like the real thing!!!" I am very curious to know where these people were getting cheesecake prior to becoming vegan, because this stuff is truly disgusting.

I've tried all sorts of combinations of tofutti cream cheese, soft and hard tofu, soy milk and lemon juice. Nick won't even try my test cakes anymore if he hears the words "vegan" or "tofutti". I finally found a recipe that is rather similar to my standard. The only real difference is that it calls for fake cream cheese (tofutti - shhh!) and powdered egg replacer. Sofar, the texture seems right - we'll see about the flavor. Perhaps I could just douse it in sauce and call it good?

Closing opinion? I count myself very fortunate that I don't have to eat foods that are "almost as good as the real thing".

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Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said... did it taste?

Have you tried "Mori-Nu" tofu?