Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Little Help?

I received an email this week from someone that Nick works with, requesting help with a wedding. Her friends are getting married and they're doing all the food themselves. This is a great way to save money, but I think somewhere along the line they realized how much work it was turning into and so they are looking for an inexpensive option for dessert. The theme is Tea Party, so they're doing individual cheesecakes for the guests, and a 10" cheesecake for the head table. That's one 10" cheesecake and eighty 2" cheesecakes. Eighty. Eight-Oh. 80 cheesecakes on the 26th of THIS month. Good Lord.

A little background: I've never made cheesecake in my life. Well, not until last night anyway. It looked and smelled pretty good, but wasn't cool enough before bed time, so I'll be tasting them tonight.

Any of you out there have a good cheesecake recipe you'd like to share???? Please???? I'm really hoping this one works out, but I just found it randomly online, so there's certainly room for error.

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