Saturday, August 21, 2004

A lesson in modern technology

Matt's mother just got a new cell phone when she moved to Seattle, and I think it may be time to give her a lesson on things like setting up her voicemail box, which she hasn't done yet, and maybe show her how to save (or not save) a number. Matt had to call her from my cell phone the other day, because his had died. Apparently she saved my number as his! I don't mind her having my number - she's a lovely woman, but yesterday I had multiple voicemails which started out, "Matt, this is Mom...". I had to keep sending him office emails to forward the information from her messages.

Up until this morning, it was not a big deal, even amusing at times.

I set my alarm via my cell phone. Matt has an alarm clock on the night stand, and there simply isn't enough room for another alarm clock. That, and my phone vibrates when the alarm goes off, so between the beeping and the buzzing, I wake up to it every time. This morning my alarm went off and I just reached over and blindly turned it off. A little while later, I rolled over to see what time it was, and I realized that according to the clock, my alarm shouldn't have gone off yet. About this time, Matt starts mumbling something about how he was supposed to meet his mother, and she was probably wondering where he was. At this, I grabbed my phone and looked at my call history. "Crap! That wasn't my alarm going off, that was the phone ringing! I hung up on your mother!"

I'm betting I won't be getting a 7:30am call from Maureen again any time soon.

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