Friday, August 13, 2004

Please excuse the mess...

My sister is coming up to drop my nephew off for the weekend, and our house is a disaster.

We had borrowed her steam cleaner for our living room carpet, and we have to return it this weekend while my sister is up. We've had the cleaner for over a month, and of course, we just got around to using it last night. At 8:30. I have to say, it looked great when Matt was done. I found it pretty amusing however, when he called me in to express his confusion that the carpet was wet. Apparently he thought that the cleaner would suck enough water back up that the carpeting would be dry when he was done, so he had moved all our stuff outside, thinking it would be moved right back when he was finished. All of the livingroom furniture is currently in my kitchen and dining room, waiting to be moved back after work.

Maybe my sister will help move it all back!

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