Saturday, August 14, 2004

A new perspective

My eight year old nephew is staying at our house for the weekend, and we're having a great time sofar. Last night Justin took a shower before bed, and came out to say goodnight wearing khaki shorts and a button up dress shirt.

Me: Justin, why are you wearing that?
Justin: This is what I'm wearing tomorrow.
Me: I get that, but why are you wearing it now?
Justin: Mom didn't pack any pajamas for me.
Me: Huh. Well, you can't be comfortable in that; why don't you wear one of Matt's Tshirts?
Justin: No, this is fine.

He then proceeded to pull the blankets back and crawl into bed, wearing belt and all. My nephew is a freaky kid.

This morning Justin came out of bed ready made! Matt made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Afterwards, I mentioned something about brushing teeth, and Justin just looked at me.

Me: Lemme guess, you're mom didn't pack a toothbrush for you?
Justin: Yeah! (giggle)
Me: Well, we just need to pick one up for you today.
Justin: She packed a sweater for me.
Me: Yeah, I saw that. A nice knit sweater - perfect for winter, but no toothbrush. Next time I'm sending your mom a checklist.

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