Tuesday, August 10, 2004

MY toy!

I bought the coolest toy for my younger brother's birthday! I found a space shuttle with a docking station! It also has two spacemen and a little space truck! The package arrived last week, and I just got around to wrapping it and shipping it off to him today, but not without playing with it first! The other night Matt was making dinner, and I came in with the box, looking for a knife.

Matt: What'cha doin'?
Me: I'm gonna play with Nathan's new toy!
Matt: Wha- No, Kim, put it down.
Me: (cutting through the tape)What?
Matt: You're going to break it before you even send it to him!
Me: No I won't, silly. I think I can figure out how to - wow! The doors of the shuttle open! Ooh, and there's a little arm thing that comes out! Neat!
Matt: Kim, put it back in the box!
Me: No! I want to look at it! I'm "testing" it.
Matt: Silence.
Me: Ooh! The truck has a satellite dish thingie on top!
Matt: We can get you one of your own if you'd like.
Me: Actually, it is pretty cool...Okay, I'm going to put it away now.

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