Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cooking Lessons Needed

Yesterday I was talking with one of my friends and she was telling me about her successful egg boiling experience. She started telling me how she followed the directions exactly, and I thought, "I didn't know that there were directions! You mean boiling an egg isn't just tribal knowledge????" So I went home after work and looked in my favorite cookbook, and sure enough...directions for boiling an egg. And do you know what else??? I've been doing it all wrong.


Kim's Mom said...

Boiling eggs is an art form! The one thing I've noticed is none of the directions ever include the most important part! If you need them to peel neatly for deviled eggs for instance it is absolutely imperative that you talk to them! You must convince them that they are going to be used for something like egg salad where it really doesn't matter whether they peel neatly or not. Once they are thoroughly convinced they'll relax and allow the shell to slide off with minimal effort :o)

Sean said...

and, um,there are instructions for boiling water as well.

Peter said...

My instructions are as follows.

Grocery Store

But body into car, and drive to grocery store. Preferably Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. After you bring the car to a stop at the grocery store, remove body and then place in said store. Once in store, purchase boiled egg with money and enjoy.