Friday, August 19, 2005

She's Such a Betty.

H: John and I were having a discussion about the definition of a "Betty" yesterday.
Me: And what did you come up with?
H: Gwen Stefani and Missy Elliott would be Betties. Britney Spears? Not so much.
Me: So, what's the definition?
H: Y'know, a girl who's tough. Someone who's not afraid to take care of themselves.
Me: A girl who's not afraid to smoke a cigar?
H: Exactly.
Me: I wonder if I could be considered a Betty? At least an Up-and-coming Betty, maybe.
H: Definitely. You're the best kind of Betty. You're a Betty who cooks.


Sean said...

Heard of Betty Rubble? The quintessential girl next door? The one who is hot, yet at the same time, attainable?

That's a Betty.

Kim said...

I thought it might be a Betty Paige reference...