Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friends With Benefits

Please disregard the second paragraph of my previous post. One of my girlfriends surprised me with a gift which is so much cooler than the original print that I wanted. Not only did she paint it herself, but her use of colors is amazing! Now you see why I have such a hard time not inviting everyone over at once - I have some really great friends!

Brunch went really well...It was crazy having so many hens in my coop at once, but everyone had a lovely time! The food and company were fantastic, and all the hard work was well worth it. Can't wait to do it again sometime!


Kim's Mom said...

Wow! That's talent! Very cool that she did it for you.

Glad you had a good time yesterday. We were chuckling, wondering what Nick's reaction was. We're guessing he was highly amused at the idea of all those women packed into your place ;-)
Did he enjoy a boys day out during the festivities?

Kim said...

Yeah, I was really happy with my gift. I'm planning a thank you gift that involves a molded chocolate creation...should be a nice touch.

Nick does pretty well in traumatic situations! ;> He was great about running to the store for me on Saturday morning, when I ran out of green onions and my head was about to start spinning...

He did spend time with one of his boys yesterday; said boy's girlfriend came over for the day, so it all worked out just fine. As Nick was escaping the apartment, he commented, "wow Kim, you did a really great job with all this - it looks awesome." He can stick around if he'd like!