Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Up To Speed

Jeez I've been bad about this whole posting thing! A few items:

  • The job is going well. Things were questionable there for a bit, but I've since received confirmation that I am NOT crazy, and SHE is.
  • Valentine's Day was nice. Nick fixed my favorite - pork roast with gorgonzola cream sauce. He also framed some pictures of us from Australia for me to keep at my desk.

  • We rearranged our livingroom last weekend. It seems a lot bigger, and all of my plants are getting more light now, so hopefully they will stop dying. Seriously. I have one that used to be a nice, full umbrella plant; now I call it the "stick plant". Hopefully this new arrangement will reverse some of that.
  • Found a great new spaghetti recipe, and I've even managed to keep the meatballs intact while cooking! Made meatball subs for dinner the other night.

  • Giving up on ever getting the apartment painted - asked a friend for an estimate to do it for me.
  • Did a photo shoot for the bakery site. I have a photographer friend who set up a "studio" and we got some great shots of cookies and cakes - I'll let y'all know when there are pictures on the website!
  • Nick and I went to the Seattle aquarium a few weeks back - got some great pictures

    • There's plenty more where these pictures came from - I just uploaded about 130 photos to my Flickr site.

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