Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Creative Cooking

I was craving pesto last night, but felt like doing something a little different. So, I left the food processor in the cupboard. I didn't have pinenuts, but there were some walnuts in the kitchen. All the other ingredients were on hand, so I just chopped it all together roughly and added the olive oil and lemon juice at the end to make it all stick together. Here's what the resulting pesto looked like:

The final product was chicken coated in flour and pan-fried until cooked through and crispy. I topped it off with sliced tomato and the pesto, then baked until the cheese melted a bit.

Behold, delicious pesto chicken with mashed potatoes:

As my step-dad would say, "Yummo-Tummo!"

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Kim's Mom said...

LOL! And I would agree with him! It looks delicious! And pretty too! ;-)