Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dieciseis de Julio

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It’s been nice to be out of the air-conditioned car, as the dry air was to blame for the 3 nosebleeds I had on the trip.

Today was a day of relaxation. We drove over to Adrianna’s mother’s house and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying not being in a car. I got some reading done, and we walked to a local market. I received quite a few stares due to my hair, I think. There are a lot of girls here who dye their hair blonde, but most are a honey color – not quite the platinum that I sport. Adrianna’s sisters say that by the time I leave, all the girls in Guadalajara will want short hair. ;>

Adrianna’s mother is very welcoming – she informed Nick and I that her house was ours, and that we shouldn’t ask before doing things there. Then she decided that we looked tired, and insisted that we take over her bed for a nap. I guess there’s no arguing with Mexican women!

In the evening, the entire family came over to the house and we had a bit of a fiesta. Adrianna’s father used to be a vocal performer, and he showed off some of his skills for us. His friends came over and they performed mariachi music well into the night. There was dancing and singing and muchas cervecas! I couldn’t believe what an experience I was having – I truly felt that I was in Mexico at that point!

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