Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Veintidos de Julio

190 Lalo!
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Today we went to yet another street market! This one was much larger than all of the others we have seen, with tons and tons of vendors interwoven. I didn’t find anything, but it was interesting to see all of the stuff for sale.

In the afternoon, relaxing at Veronica’s place, she was showing off some of the jewelry she has made. She makes necklaces with various beads in wood, glass, any material you can think of. She has some really amazing designs, so it was neat to see some of her handiwork. Knowing that I’m not much for shiny jewelry, just like herself, she gave me a really fantastic wooden bead necklace that she made some time ago. Now there’s no question that I have authentic jewelry from Mexico!

We spent the late afternoon and evening at Adrianna’s mother’s house, for a barbeque. They had several huge fish and some beef to prepare, but it all had to wait for the coals. The men had quite a hard time getting the coals started, and by the time things started to catch, a huge rain storm started! So, we moved the barbeque under cover and were finally able to cook the food.

By the time the food was ready, there was a 4 foot wide river in the streets, due to all of the rain!

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