Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Veinticinco de Julio

214 Getting a Cast Made
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This morning I awoke with zero cold symptoms, but quite the headache. I took some migraine medication, which helped after sleeping for awhile longer. I think I also had a bit of a fever leftover. By lunch I was up and quite interested in food! Veronica had taken her boys, Diego, Braulio and Santiago to the market to buy fresh vegetables and some taquitos. We had quite the feast with the taquitos, a variety of salsas (one mild, for me!), and the gorditas that Adelita had left as a surprise.

After Breakfast we went over to Silvia’s house to work on the cast that Lalo would take of me. We decided to do an entire cast, waist up, rather than just the shoulders and head! We set the abdomen portion while I was laying down, and the rest would be taken while either standing or sitting. Between sections, I went downstairs to buy some jewelry from Adrianna’s dad. Yet another artist in the family, he makes beautiful bracelets and necklaces with molds out of various metals.

Unfortunately the rest of the day didn’t go quite as well. Possibly due to stress from the accident, or possibly due to a head injury, I had two incidents of passing out and convulsing. After the first, I just sat quietly and drank a bunch of water, but felt fine for the most part. The second one really did me in though – I was so very tired and out of it. We went back to the emergency room, where they kept me overnight for monitoring. They took a cat scan, which the neurologist said looked fine, and the next morning they took an EEG. There wasn’t a neurologist available at this point, so I was sent home to the states with the test results with instructions to follow up with a specialist at home.

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