Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Catorce de Julio

108 Record Heat
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Today we drove across the border into Mexico – halfway there!!! We drove through Nogales, which was definitely the craziest town I have ever experienced, however the border crossing was much easier than expected. We drove up to the border, and suddenly we all realized we had crossed! No one stopped us or even looked at us – “Hey! We’re in Mexico!” Once we had crossed, we had the task of getting our car permit and our traveler’s visas. I didn’t even think we were going to make it that far with the crazy driving that was taking place! You have to roll your window down and gesture frantically if you want to make a turn or change lanes, because people won’t let you in! And if someone wants to cross in front of you, much of the time, they will just cross as if you are not even there! Basically, turn signals are useless in Mexico – and apparently not just in the border towns.

We reached our record high temp in south Arizona at 105, and it probably stayed right around 100 through the state, but as soon as we crossed the border the thunder and lightening started, and we dropped to 75! It was very humid, but such a relief! While we were driving to the “Banjercito” to get our visas, the rain started. It freakin’ poured!!! There were kids on the streets selling cookies, and they held out for a while, but finally even they went running for cover!

That night we stayed at Ciudad Obregon; a short stop just for sleeping. Along the way there were cemeteries on the side of the road. They were so colorful – Rather than the basic headstones that we have in the states, they have small houses built. Wyatt expressed what I had been thinking, which was that many of these “houses” are nicer than the houses that the families live in. Along the way we drove through many small towns, as well as some areas that just consisted of a few houses. It was hard at times to see the conditions which the local people live. Many of the homes were just random materials stuck together with a very meager roof. I found myself thinking that despite the very warm weather, there are some pretty intense rain storms here; I can’t imagine some of those homes standing up to such weather! I also found myself becoming concerned about the conditions in which we would be living for the next 9 days! Adrianna had told us that her sister’s house was very nice, but if the things I had been seeing were any indication….

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