Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trece de Julio

089 Perfect Timing
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We started driving at about 830 last night, and have been taking turns driving through the night. I suspect the novelty of those 2 hour cat naps taken here and there are starting to wear off.

We drove through part of Oregon, Idaho and into Utah, before stopping at Salt Lake City to see the lake and take a lunch break. The lake was pretty disgusting – probably not a future destination. With the heat, it smelled like garbage – that, coupled with the fact that the lake has been drying up for sometime, made for a very quick stop!

We also stopped along the way to get breakfast at Ihop, where I learned the dangers of mispronunciation. In an effort to improve my Spanish before arriving in Mexico, I said to Wyatt and Adrianna “Quiero las salchichis”, when what I should have said was “Quiero las salchichas”. A single letter changes the whole world. I was trying to say that I wanted sausages, but what came out was that I wanted big boobs!

In the evening, we arrived to the Grand Canyon just on time to see the sunset! At just the perfect time, a double rainbow showed up over a large cliff that the sun was reflecting off of. The cliff was a really intense gold color, the sky was dark and the rainbows were so bright. This was quite possibly the most amazing thing that I have ever seen.

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