Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Veintiocho de Julio

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It’s been yet another crazy couple of days! Released from the hospital and okayed to fly home. We all four arrived at the airport in Guadalajara and got on the first flight (a bit of a surprise for Nick and I since we were on standby tickets) to LA. Arrive at LAX, and Nick and I kept being pushed back further and further on the standby list. Since we had non-revenue tickets, we were constantly bumped below the regular stand-by holders, as well as anyone who was bumped from their flight due to over-booking. Every single flight from LAX to Seattle was overbooked by at least 12 passengers, so by late afternoon, things were not looking great for us!

Nick spoke with an attendant and was informed that there were several openings on a flight the next morning out of a nearby airport, Long Beach. He added our names to the standby list for that location, and we took the metro across town, through Compton! Stayed at a hotel for the night – it was so nice to have a bed to lay down on! Very Sleepy…..

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