Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The adventures of Adventure Cat: Part II

An excerpt from today's "Mom" email:

Adventure Cat was quite upset with us late yesterday afternoon. We decided to change her bedding for her. The kids and I removed the kittens and Adventure cat then I quickly placed a clean sheet in for them before replacing the kittens. Adventure Cat was big time miffed! She mewed and threw quite the tizzy. She then moved the kittens to an undesirable spot where we had plastic bags stored. Then she got mad because we removed the plastic bags and put the kittens back in their original home. After yelling at all of us then yelling real loud at Nathan and chasing him away from the area she moved one kitten to a small box that really wasn't even big enough for just her. She then proceeded to lay on top of the kitten and refused to budge! I got another box together for her and moved it under the chair near where she wanted to be and placed the kitten in it. She hopped in and seemed content until the other kittens started crying for her. She then poked her head out and mewed at me so I brought the others to her. They're all happily abiding in their new home and we will wait plenty of time before attempting to change the bedding for her again.

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