Friday, July 02, 2004

So, like, y'know?

Overheard conversation involving two girls walking down the street:

G1: Man! My skin is totally falling off from the sunburn I got last weekend!
G2: Really? You should do what I do. I never peel after a burn.
G1: Wow...What's that?
G2: Well, I always use aloe vera.
G1: Hmm.
G2: Okay, so, during the first few days, when the burn is really bad? You want to cover yourself in aloe in the morning and at night. Or twice a day or whatever, kay?
G1: Uh-Huh.
G2: Then, after the burn has gone down a bit, you only do the aloe thing in the morning, or just less than twice a day.
G1: Yeah.
G2: So, that's what I do, y'know?

Overheard conversation involving a man on the bus and no one else:

Man: Y'know what that Krispy Kreme ought to do?
Everyone else:....
Man: They should get a sign; one of those signs like McDonald's got, that says how many hamburgers they've sold.
Everyone else:....
Man: They sell over a billion donuts a year, y'know?
Everyone else:....
Man: That's a lot of donuts.
Everyone else:....
Man: They're not even that good!
Everyone else:....

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